Who should attend Woodwind Camp?

The goal of Woodwinds @ Wallowa Lake is to provide a high quality camp specifically to serve students in Oregon.

Who Should Come to Camp?

Any middle or high school Woodwind or French Horn player who:

  • Can play music independently in a small group

  • Knows how to play a 2-octave chromatic scale (with alternate fingerings for French Horn players)

  • Knows all the notes on their instrument within their playing range

  • Can prepare part of a solo or an etude for first day placement audition

  • Has a good understanding of rhythms

 Flutists: To ensure the best experience, we request that all flutists review the following etude. The etude represents our “bare minimum” playing level. If you’re comfortable practicing and playing the etude, then you’re at the right level for camp.

Flute Playing Level Etude

Two-Camp Special
Attend BOTH camps for just $935!