Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about camp:

When will I drop off my student?

Students need to arrive for registration between 1pm and 5pm on Sunday, the first day of camp. After registering, students will perform placement auditions for their respective Artist Faculty. More info is available by visiting the Camp Schedule.

When will I pick up my student?

Students will check out between 11am and 12:30pm on Saturday, the last day of camp. Students and parents will load up their belongings and enjoy the barbecue during this time. The Final Concert usually occurs at 1:30pm at Wallowa High School (the exact time and location are subject to change), and usually lasts for at least two hours, after which time students are free to leave. More info is available by visiting the Camp Schedule.

Can I stay at the camp, too?

If you'd like, parents are encouraged to spend one of the weekends, or even the whole week, in scenic Wallowa County. That said, we do not have space for parents to stay at the camp. Lodging for parents during the time of camp can be found here:

Is there transportation to camp?

We cannot offer transportation to camp, however, parents are more than welcome to arrange carpooling for their students. On the application form, please check the box allowing us to release your phone/email to other campers in your area so you can arrange carpooling.

What should my student bring?

Check out this handy list of arrival info, including what to bring.

What is the cellphone policy?

The natural setting of camp is conducive to intensive development of musical and personal skills. We have found cellphone distract from those goals; therefore, we ask you either leave your phone at home or give it to camp staff at registration for safe keeping. A camp phone is available for emergency call.

Can I make a bunk request?

At this time we cannot fulfill bunk requests.

Are there menu options for campers with food allergies or restrictions, i.e. vegetarian / gluten free?

Yes. Please make these requests when filling out the health form.

What if my child is on medication?

Please let us know if your child needs help with medications when filling out the health form. Note given thinner air, exercise, and possibly smoke from regional forest fires that may impact students with asthma: please make sure to pack inhalers as appropriate.

What if my child gets sick during the week?

If your child becomes ill at camp, you will immediately receive a phone call from Camp Staff/Nurse. Together we will evaluate the severity of your child’s illness to allow for a decision as to whether or not your child can or should remain at camp. If the illness is urgent, your child will be taken by Camp Staff/Nurse to the hospital in Enterprise, Oregon. If the illness is contagious, your child will be quarantined to await your arrival for pick up.

Questions about Registration & Payment:

To whom should I make registration checks payable?

For Woodwind Camp, please make checks payable to “Woodwinds at Wallowa Lake.”

For Brass Camp, please make checks payable to “Brass at Wallowa Lake.”

If you would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to “Music Camps at Wallowa Lake.”

Why am I being charged more to use my credit card?

We charge a small fee to cover the costs of using a credit card.

Can I pay the registration fee in installments?

Yes! As long as the minimum deposit is paid by the deadline and full payment is received on or before check-in, you can mail check(s) at any frequency that fits your budget, or contact the Camp Manager via email to arrange for debit/credit card payments. If you mail a check, please be sure to include your camper’s full name and which camp he or she is attending so the payment can be properly credited.

What if I am wait-listed?

If you are waitlisted, you will be contacted if/when a spot becomes available. If at any time you would like a status update, please call the Camp Managers: Woodwind Camp 541-519-4026; Brass Camp (503) 479-8901.

What is the Tax ID Number for donations?


Questions about Contact Information:

What is the phone number for the camp site?

To reach the Brass Manager, call Amy at (503) 479-8901. To reach the Woodwind Manager, call Kelly at 541-519-4026. Both Amy and Kelly can be reached at any time during the year. You can reach the headquarters of the Wallowa Lake Camp at 541-432-1271, but only during the two weeks of each camp.

What is the mailing address for Music Camps at Wallowa Lake?

PO Box 636, La Grande, OR 97850